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Additional Resources

In addition to HeartRateMonitorAdvisor.com there are many other high quality sources of information if you would like to learn more about heart rate monitors. We’ve used many of these sources in our analysis of the monitors on this website, in addition to our own expertise. As a result, you can rest assured that the monitors we recommend are the cream of the crop and the best that you can find on the market.

The different sources we’ve researched include publications from testing facilities and universities, independent reviews from experts, retail sites that list customer reviews, and trade journals and magazines that review specific heart rate monitors. The following is an overview of each of these types of sources with links to their home pages.

We also we have a section at the end of this page with additional sites that may not necessarily be related to monitors and exercise but we feel that they have some valuable information to offer in their respective fields.

Testing Facilities

There are several sources that offer scientific type testing of various models in a lab or testing facility. With this type of rigorous testing you can really know how the different monitors stack up against each other and which ones come out on top.

The best of these is Consumer Reports, which is a subscription based nonprofit magazine. They thoroughly test and rate all kinds of products including heart rate monitors. They are very professional and explain how they do all of their testing in detail. They have nice rankings of each product and give a score based on the criteria that they lay out for testing.

Trade Journals

Trade journals are great sources to look at to learn more about sporting equipment like heart rate monitors. Many of these writers for the trade magazines are independent reviewers who have tried out a variety of heart rate monitor models and provide their opinions. Most of the writers are experts in their fields such as running, triathlons, biking or swimming. So they know their stuff and can make very good recommendations on what to look for in a heart rate monitor and which ones are the best.

Runner’s World has been a favorite magazine for runners of all levels and abilities for many years. They offer in-depth training advice on how to improve your running and overall fitness level. They also review products designed to improve your abilities, like heart rate monitors, and other fitness equipment. They test monitors yearly and recommend which ones to buy.

Bicycling Magazine has a variety of different gadgets and bike related enhancements that they review. They also have excellent training advice and workouts to improve your speed and strength on the bike. They review monitors each year as well as advanced cycling computers and list the pros and cons of each device.

Outside Magazine puts out an annual buyer’s guide listing the best outdoor and fitness equipment. Their focus in the gadget portion of their buyer’s guide is mainly on GPS type sports watches, but they do talk about heart rate monitors as well. If you like trail running, camping, and anything you can do fitness-wise out in the country, this magazine is for you.


The New York Times has a great blog section of their website called Gadgetwise. They test a variety of different electronic products and gadgets including heart rate monitors. When they look at each product they give samples to four or five experts who then put each one through the paces. The result is a well research overview of the strengths and weakness of each product and recommendations on which ones you should buy.

The Los Angeles Times also has their reporters out testing different gadgets and fitness equipment like monitors. They usually try out several different brands and models and discuss which ones they like the best. They’ll also check with various experts, like track coaches in the case of monitors, and get their opinions as well. Their product testing type articles usually come with a recommendation to buy or not to buy.

Sites with Owner Reviews

Many retail websites like Amazon.com allow owners to post their own reviews of the products. Heart rate monitor owners tend to be a passionate group and are very outspoken on what they like and don’t like about monitors. So you can find hundreds, even thousands in some cases, of owner reviews and ratings. This information is extremely valuable for people like you who are out shopping for a new monitor. If a monitor gets 500 five star ratings you know it’s going to be a pretty good piece of equipment.

Amazon.com is probably the best known of these. They started out selling books and now they sell just about everything including heart rate monitors. They offer free shipping on most items and frequently run sales on monitors. One of the huge benefits of Amazon is their consumer reviews. These can provide you with a great source of information. If there is a problem like breakages or quality issues with any product, you’ll definitely know about it by reading the consumer reviews. Many monitors on Amazon have hundreds of reviews so you really get a good overview on what’s good and what’s bad.

Buzzillions.com is another site similar to Amazon that has consumer reviews listed for a wide range of products. They compile these reviews from retail stores and organize them. They then rank each product in each category. They have a lot of heart rate monitors listed, but they don’t have as many reviews as Amazon.

Other Review Sites

ConsumerSearch.com offers well researched reviews on a wide variety of different products including monitors. Their team does a great job of researching and ranking different sources of information on each product and then writing up a concise report. Each product category has a list of the best and a report on why these were selected as the best. They also discuss what features you should look for in each product.

FeedtheHabit.com is another site that offers very detailed gear reviews. The main reviewer on the sites, Jason Mitchell, usually tests his gear, like monitors, over several months and then tells you what he thinks. Each review talks about the pros and cons of each product.

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